May 1 2013

21-The Aethervox: Malifaux Two Point OMG

This episode is a very special interview with Justin Gibbs and Mack Martin, lead designers of the just-announced Malifaux Version Two!

We know we haven’t done a normal episode in a while, but rest assured, The Aethervox is still not dead. We have new material in the can, which we plan to release soon. We will also announce the winners of our Circus Crew Contest next episode. But for now, enjoy this interview.

Jan 9 2013

20-The Aethervox: The Circus Contest

This episode is a chatty, catch-up episode. We talk about the new Vassal module, Through the Breach, and our recent exploits in Malifaux and other games. We also introduce our “design the circus crew” contest and we have a great story by Iron Quill winner Mark Rogers. Hope you enjoy.

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Dec 13 2012

19-The Aethervox: Chevy to the Levi

This episode is a tactica. Adrian talks to Mark Williams, aka Vanilla Dice, about the one-man-apocalypse himself, Leviticus.

Hope you enjoy.

(P.S. We’re already hard at work on Episode 20, which, with any luck, will be released before the end of the year.)

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Oct 24 2012

The Collected Circus Stories

The Aethervox Crew would like to apologize for our lack of new content of late. We fully intend to get our next proper episode out soon, and we’ve all been eating lots of prunes to try to improve our regularity.

In the meantime, here are all the stories from the Mr. Magpie’s Cemetery Circus arc, conveniently ripped out of their individual episodes and stitched together into a single mp3 file, like some hideous construct in the basement of Dr. McMourning’s laboratory.

Hope you enjoy. And fear not…The Aethervox will be back on the air very soon!

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Aug 14 2012

18-The Aethervox: Terraining Champion

After a Summer holiday, we’re back into the swing of things. This episode we talk about all of Wyrd’s recent announcements, Ian and Adrian talk about Sedition Wars in our new segment “Beyond the Breach,” Julian and Ian recap a Malifaux tournament they went to back in May, Adrian talks about Bishop in “The Man Comes Around” and we have a fascinating interview with Adam Rogers of Miniterrain Studio about terrain making.

We hope you enjoy. Show notes after the break, and special thanks to Matt Lightbound for his sound effects.

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Jul 11 2012

How to get a leg up in treasure hunting

This recently turned up at the Aethervox offices. Anyone missing a leg?

Jun 15 2012

17-The Aethervox: Dead Heat

Episode 17 is a short but very special episode. We dedicate the bulk of this episode to an interview with Justin Gibbs (aka Lalochezia) in which we talk about “Dead Heat”, the Malifaux summer campaign, in which The Aethervox, Cheated Fates Radio, The Bayou Broadcast, and Gamers’ Lounge all play a central roll.

For more on Dead Heat, visit Breachside Broadcasting:

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May 9 2012

16-The Aethervox: Tidings of Comfort and Killjoy

Episode 16 is finally here, and it’s chock-a-block with Malifaux-y goodness.

This episode we have the return of Mike Howell’s Confessions of an Aspiring Resurrectionist, we review some terrain and bases sent to us by the Terrain Geek, Adrian discusses the joys of Killjoy and proposes plenty of possible proxies in The Doppelganger. We also have the usual chat about the May releases, news, hobby aspirations and more!

Show notes after the jump. Hope you enjoy.

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Apr 1 2012

VoxHammer Xtreme Episode 1

Dear Aethervox Listeners,

Over the past fourteen months we have been proud to bring you The Aethervox, covering all aspects of Wyrd Miniatures’ character-driven, tabletop skirmish game, Malifaux. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

When Ian and Julian first began The Aethervox, in February 2011, we were the only dedicated Malifaux podcast on the internet, and we proudly filled what we saw as a lacuna in the miniature wargaming podcast landscape. But ever since the meteoric rise of certain other Malifaux podcasts, we have begun to feel that The Aethervox has become redundant—a dinosaur among mammals, a V1 statcard in a V2 meta.

We believe we have served the community well, bringing you the latest news, commentary and tactics interviews (and, we hope, a few laughs along the way), but it is time for Ian, Adrian and Julian to move on to bigger and better things. We feel secure leaving you in the capable hands of the good folks at Cheated Fates Radio, and of course our old friend and mentor, Bill at The Gamer’s Lounge. With such talented and dedicated guardians watching over Malifaux, we will rest assured knowing that the community will continue to flourish and thrive without us.


We may be done with Malifaux, but we’re certainly not done with podcasting. Now that Malifaux has achieved near-total dominance within the hobby, we feel that there are other, lesser-known games that deserve our attention. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of The Aethervox, we are today announcing the launch of our brand new podcast: VoxHammer Xtreme. This new show will be dedicated to a little-known tabletop battle game that the three of us recently discovered and immediately fell in love with. It’s called Warhammer 40,000. “40k” (as the cognoscenti know it) is a futuristic battle game created by UK-based games company Games Workshop.

Like The Aethervox, VoxHammer Xtreme is designed to appeal to newcomers and veterans alike, so whether you’ve heard of Warhammer 40,000 or not, please click the link below, give our new podcast a listen and let us know what you think.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It’s been a blast!


Julian, Ian and Adrian

Mar 25 2012

15-The Aethervox: Perdita Perdido

This month we interview Dan Sulin (aka Nilus) about Perdita and the Ortegas.  Hope you enjoy!

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