08-The Aethervox: The Velvet Underground and Nicodem

Welcome to Episode 8.  This episode we devote our whole show to a tactics interview with Keagan Nicotra, aka The Lone Bard. He will be discussing Nicodem – undertaker, necromancer, gentleman, and zombie horde lord.

It’s currently Guild Week over at the Pull My Finger Tactica Wiki, but next week is Resurrectionist Week.  We hope this great interview inspires you to go on over and contribute to the ever-growing (and gradually decomposing) body of Malifaux knowledge and strategy at Pull My Finger.

Hope you enjoy!

(Show notes after the jump)

0:00 – Introduction
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

0:17 – Nicodem Tactica
(Music: The Velvet Underground & Nico – “The Black Angel’s Death Song

2:43:13 – Outroduction
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

4 Responses to “08-The Aethervox: The Velvet Underground and Nicodem”

  • Z3e Says:

    Hey guys, fantastic podcast. Probably the best quality gaming podcast to which I currently listen, and I listen to a lot! Anyway, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard this music recommendation or discovered it yourself already, but the soundtrack to the new Indy action adventure game Bastion by Supergiant Games is very appropriate for Malifaux. Sure there are more major keys contributing to an earnest and heroic sound, but it’s extremely characterful western steel-string combined with electronic. The soundtrack itself can be had for 10.00 usd
    Keep up the great work!

  • Nilus Says:

    Interesting episode. Punk zombies can not use self mutilate when they slow to die because they can’t make the casting requirement. You can’t take wounds you do not have.

  • J Says:

    I enjoyed some of the video, but I think the tactica came mostly from the idea of just killing the enemy crew.
    I have a very different style, in that I bring a solid crew, (usually 2x Belles, 2x Punks, Mortimer and 2x Crooked). Then when I summon it’s to try and bring in a model that can complete an objective or hinder my opponent from taking one. This is a place where Necropunks shine.
    Something missed is that the Bolster Undead goes away at the start of the closing phase, so the extra attack on the Flesh Construct doesn’t benefit, and the Mindless Zombies are still neutral so they -never- benefit.
    Another good set of models is the steampunk abominations and the desolation engine. While you need to hold the SA’s back to make sure they stay in range of Nicodem’s spells and buffs, Nicodem can continually target the engine once it’s in melee to keep it healed up.
    Also, my crooked men are starting to fall out of favor with me. My opponents are starting to send out expendable models to trip as many shaft markers as possible before the more valuable models move up to where I tried to block them off. Like everyone, I have stories where someone like Cassandra flipped a red joker, but I have a lot more where random death marshall C flipped paralyzed, paralyzed and 3 damage.
    Still a good interview though. I’ll try to play more of the block style mentioned for a while and we’ll see what happens.

  • Matt Says:

    Agree with J, there was far too much emphasis on just killing, and none of the tactics seemed to take account of strategy or schemes, merely dismissing anything that didn’t involve walking to the middle of the board in a block and trying to kill enemies that (apparently) have no choice but to walk up to you and die.

    Telling us that Nicodem is very fragile and then advising us not to bother with Mindless Zombies was also strange. Put a couple of MZs nearby and against almost anything he becomes unkillable.

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