12-The Aethervox: Happy New Year

The Aethervox is back, and we’re looking forward to 2012 and the possible end of the world.

This episode we have the continuation of Mr. Magpie’s Cemetery Circus, we announce the winners of our first ever contest, The Man Comes Around (in which Rathnard talks about some of Marcus’s minions and announces our second ever contest), the Malifaux Ministry of Music, Movies and other Media, our trip to Hal Con, Game Report, New Releases and more…

Hope you enjoy.

0:00 – Introduction and Contest Winners
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme”)

9:10 – The Man Comes Around (Rathnard’s Segment)
(Music: Johnny Cash – “The Man Comes Around”)

35:48 – New Releases

58:15 – Tales from the Aether Part 7: “Mr. Magpie’s Act”
(Music: The Pendulums – “Astral Gnomes”; I Musici de Montréal – “Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit” (composed by Darius Milhaud))

1:25:52 – Hal Con

1:34:48 – Malifaux Ministry of Music, Movies and Other Media

Music: Taraf de Haidouks – “Dragoste de la Clejane”, “Hora Din Caval”
Book: E.T.A. Hoffman – “The Sandman” (link to CBC Halifax radio adaptation)
Film: El Topo

1:41:19 – Game Report

2:11:30 – Hobby Challenge

2:13:34 – Outroduction
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme”)

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  • Conor Says:

    Thanks for flipping for me anyway, good luck to the winners though, all I have to say is my second name is pronounced McK-you-wen (most people struggle with it, thanks anyway though.

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