13-The Aethervox: Lilith – The Good, The Bad & The Fair

Episode 13 is a tactics interview with Palmer Buss, better known as pgbsamurai. He will be discussing Lilith, Mother of Monsters.

Nota Bene: There are big, exciting changes coming to the Aethervox, and many people we need to thank, but we’ll save all that for episode 14. This one is just the interview, plain and simple.

Oh, and no we didn’t use Bill’s mixing board to record this – so hopefully next episode we will sound better.

0:00 – Introduction
(Music:┬áJulian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

0:12 – Lilith Tactica
(Music: Nalle – “Ravens“)

1:35:35 – Outroduction
(Music:┬áJulian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

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