15-The Aethervox: Perdita Perdido

This month we interview Dan Sulin (aka Nilus) about Perdita and the Ortegas.  Hope you enjoy!

0:00 – Preface – Please visit Jason Ellis at http://audioaidstudio.com/ and the Salisbury Slaughter
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

0:45 – Perdita Tactica
(Music: Dinah Washington – “Perdido”)

1:12:35 – Outroduction
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

One Response to “15-The Aethervox: Perdita Perdido”

  • MvA Says:

    Don’t forget the best thing about Quick Draw:
    If you obey a model, you are the controller of it at that moment.
    So you can let this model charge something and shoot it because of Quick Draw and cheat the carts for both Perdita and the obeyed model. Or you could let a hight point cost model charge a Govenor’s Proxy to kill him and cheat fate to let the high point cost model fail the wp vs wp test and kill e.g. Killjoy with the loss of you Proxy.

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