16-The Aethervox: Tidings of Comfort and Killjoy

Episode 16 is finally here, and it’s chock-a-block with Malifaux-y goodness.

This episode we have the return of Mike Howell’s Confessions of an Aspiring Resurrectionist, we review some terrain and bases sent to us by the Terrain Geek, Adrian discusses the joys of Killjoy and proposes plenty of possible proxies in The Doppelganger. We also have the usual chat about the May releases, news, hobby aspirations and more!

Show notes after the jump. Hope you enjoy.

0:00 – Introduction and Special Thanks
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme”)

5:18 Tournament Info:

LEAP Story Event and Tournament – Saturday May 26th – 10:00am-4:00pm
The Computer Nook
1855 LaSalle Blvd
Greater Sudbury, Ontario
E3A 2A3

6:50 – What We’ve Been Up To

23:05 – Confessions of an Aspiring Resurrectionist – Part 5: The Search Ends (by Mike Howell)
(Music: Tom Waits – “Black Market Baby”)

40:16 – New Releases

1:09:38 – The Man Comes Around

1:28:07 – Easter Gremlins, Errata, Speculation on the New Terraclips Sets

1:41:10 – The Doppelganger

Model Links:
Captain Jeremiah Kraye (for Pale Rider)
Preacher (for Pale Rider)
Frankie Lee (for Pale Rider)
Cygnar Minuteman (for Warden)
Ghordson Avalancher (for Warden)
Buccaneer (for Warden)
Gorax (for Blessed of December)
Ogre Kingdoms Sabretusk (for Blessed of December)
Ogre Kingdoms Yhetee (for Blessed of December)
Cold One (for Blessed of December)
Lug (from Brun Cragback & Lug) (for Slate Ridge Mauler)
Blackhide Wrastler (for Slate Ridge Mauler)
Snapjaw (for Slate Ridge Mauler)
Titan Gladiator (for Slate Ridge Mauler)
Dire Troll (for Slate Ridge Mauler)
Dire Bear (for Slate Ridge Mauler)
Aiko and Gorilla (for Slate Ridge Mauler)
Battle Mechaniks (for Union Miners)
Alice Tinkerly (for Union Miner)
Stolen (for Iggy)
Dead Lady (for Weaver Widow)
Queen of Shadows (for Weaver Widow)
Master Necrotech Mortenebra (for Weaver Widow)
A Warjack (for Lazarus)
Grimorium (for Lazarus)
Targ (for Lenny)
Wrongeye (for Lenny)
An Ork (for Lenny)

1:57:45 – Terrain Geek Review

2:18:06 – Outro

3 Responses to “16-The Aethervox: Tidings of Comfort and Killjoy”

  • HowardVaux Says:

    I thought you quit doing the show…
    I am ecstatic to see you are still going ahead with the show..

  • Boyzie Says:

    Any chance of a copy of the spreadsheets you use to adapt for myself? I really like the idea of teh painting one.

    Many thanks Boyzie

  • Jason Ellis Says:

    Hey guys, great to see you back! Was starting to get worried you had decided to call it quits :) Cant wait to listen to the next part of confessions, and I really enjoyed the killjoy discussion. I think Ill be getting him to help me tackle the lack of hitting power in my ressers.


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