17-The Aethervox: Dead Heat

Episode 17 is a short but very special episode. We dedicate the bulk of this episode to an interview with Justin Gibbs (aka Lalochezia) in which we talk about “Dead Heat”, the Malifaux summer campaign, in which The Aethervox, Cheated Fates Radio, The Bayou Broadcast, and Gamers’ Lounge all play a central roll.

For more on Dead Heat, visit Breachside Broadcasting: http://breachside.coda.net/

Special thanks to Matt Lightbound for all the sound effects in this episode.

0:00 – Introduction and Announcements
(Music: Julian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme”)

HMWC Malifaux Tournament in Wellington, New Zealand, June 23rd: http://huttclub.co.nz/home/conventions/malifauxjune2012/

5:55 – Interview with Justin Gibbs

Ophelia as Lady Justice: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?32254-Dead-Heat-Outcast-Bounties&highlight=green+justice

28:57 – Conclusion

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