The Collected Circus Stories

The Aethervox Crew would like to apologize for our lack of new content of late. We fully intend to get our next proper episode out soon, and we’ve all been eating lots of prunes to try to improve our regularity.

In the meantime, here are all the stories from the Mr. Magpie’s Cemetery Circus arc, conveniently ripped out of their individual episodes and stitched together into a single mp3 file, like some hideous construct in the basement of Dr. McMourning’s laboratory.

Hope you enjoy. And fear not…The Aethervox will be back on the air very soon!

(All stories written by Julian Smith and performed by Ian Travis)

0:00 – The Circus is Coming to Town
(Music: Jimmy Giuffre – “My Funny Valentine”;  Andrea Badalamenti – “Generique” (from Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s City of Lost Children);Tom Waits – “Misery is the River of the World”)

7:18 – The Auxiliary
(Music: Dmitri Shostakovich – “String Quartet No. 8?)

14:23 – The Pocketwatchers
(Music: Taraf de Haidouks – “Rustem”, “Balada Conducatorolui”, “Hora Din Caval”, “Tureasca”)

27:21 – The Choir of Babel
(Music: Rev. J. M. Gates – “Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting?”; Akron/Family – “Blessing Force”)

41:11 – Faculties
(Music: Moondog – “Symphonique #6 (Good for Goodie))

1:03:16 – The Other White Meat
(Music: Bert Jansch and John Renbourn – “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”; The Ian Travis Gremlin Choir – “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”)

1:34:20 – Mr. Magpie’s Act
(Music: The Pendulums – “Astral Gnomes”; I Musici de Montréal – “Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit” (composed by Darius Milhaud))

3 Responses to “The Collected Circus Stories”

  • sunny Says:

    I love these stories you produce, they are awe inspiring their are many podcasts that offer tactics but none with your great stories! Really cant stress how great these are. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Sam Says:

    This is brilliant. Its my favourite part of the podcast and having it all in one file was thrilling. Do more Mr Magpie and stories like these please!

  • Charbok Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting this up. I really enjoy your podcast, and these stories in particular make it stand out. I hope you guys get a chance to record again soon. Thank you all for making twelve-hour shifts go much faster. Most of all, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for Malifaux, it’s fairly contagious.

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