20-The Aethervox: The Circus Contest

This episode is a chatty, catch-up episode. We talk about the new Vassal module, Through the Breach, and our recent exploits in Malifaux and other games. We also introduce our “design the circus crew” contest and we have a great story by Iron Quill winner Mark Rogers. Hope you enjoy.

0:00 – Introduction and general Malifaux talk
(Music:┬áJulian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

23:53 – “The First Move” by Mark Rogers
(Music: “An Eye for Optical Theory” – Michael Nyman)

38:45 – Other games we’ve been playing

47:02 – Battlefoam Ad

49:08 – Through the Breach

1:10:41 – Dreamer News Report

1:12:33 – Circus Crew Contest Announcement

1:36:53 – Outro
(Music:┬áJulian Smith – “The Aethervox Theme“)

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