21-The Aethervox: Malifaux Two Point OMG

This episode is a very special interview with Justin Gibbs and Mack Martin, lead designers of the just-announced Malifaux Version Two!

We know we haven’t done a normal episode in a while, but rest assured, The Aethervox is still not dead. We have new material in the can, which we plan to release soon. We will also announce the winners of our Circus Crew Contest next episode. But for now, enjoy this interview.

3 Responses to “21-The Aethervox: Malifaux Two Point OMG”

  • Phill Says:

    Love the podcast, wish you had a more regular episodes, but you guys really need to organise better. Dead air is never good, especially when you have important guests (eg the Lead Designers of Malifaux!). I was cringing a little while you were thinking of more questions to ask. Seriously, with these guys on the show, I woulda thought you’d have a mile long list of things to ask.

    Anyway, not to be too harsh, I really do love the show and hope to hear more about your Malifaux exploits.

    Seasons Greetings from Australia!

  • Joseph Says:

    Hey guys, any chance of an episode soon?

  • Peter Says:

    Gents. Missing the Malifaux. Hope your lives are too full to get a bit more out soon. M2E must have a lot to talk about…..

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