Mar 7 2012

14-The Aethervox: Tickled Pink

Episode 14 is here!  It’s our birthday, and we received the best present any podcast could ask for.  You’ll just have to listen to find out what we unwrapped.

This episode we have the return of Confessions of an Aspiring Resurrectionist by Mike Howell, we chat with Nilus about the Malifaux events going down at Adepticon, Ian chats with Bill from The Gamer’s Lounge in “What the Fluff?”, the Doppelganger is Resurrected, Adrian announces the winner of the Marcus Avatar competition in “The Man Comes Around” and has a special report about a Recent Malifaux tournament he attended at CanCon.  Also: Game Reports, New Releases, Incoherent Ramblings, and everything you ever wanted to know about Silurids.  Whew.  Have I forgotten anything?  Probably.  You’ll just have to listen to the episode to find out.

Special thanks this episode to the following people: Bill Anderson from The Gamers Lounge for donating the mixer through which much (but not all) of this show was recorded, Matt Lightbound for some excellent sound effects and interstitial bits (and continuing thanks to Robey Jenkins, Bertie Gmaj, and Conor McKeown for their interstitial bits), Joseph Scott and Kevin Wall for their generous donations to the show, and Jason Ellis for his help with sound editing on episodes 13 and 15 (check out Jason’s sound editing an production services here).

Show notes after the break.

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Feb 11 2012

13-The Aethervox: Lilith – The Good, The Bad & The Fair

Episode 13 is a tactics interview with Palmer Buss, better known as pgbsamurai. He will be discussing Lilith, Mother of Monsters.

Nota Bene: There are big, exciting changes coming to the Aethervox, and many people we need to thank, but we’ll save all that for episode 14. This one is just the interview, plain and simple.

Oh, and no we didn’t use Bill’s mixing board to record this – so hopefully next episode we will sound better.

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Jan 9 2012

12-The Aethervox: Happy New Year

The Aethervox is back, and we’re looking forward to 2012 and the possible end of the world.

This episode we have the continuation of Mr. Magpie’s Cemetery Circus, we announce the winners of our first ever contest, The Man Comes Around (in which Rathnard talks about some of Marcus’s minions and announces our second ever contest), the Malifaux Ministry of Music, Movies and other Media, our trip to Hal Con, Game Report, New Releases and more…

Hope you enjoy.

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Nov 21 2011

11-The Aethervox: Buckets Full of Monkey Justice

Episode 11 is short and sweet.  This episode we sit down with Liam Coupland (aka Bucket Monkey) for a chat about Lady Justice.  Hope you enjoy.

As always, show notes are after the break.

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Nov 1 2011

10-The Aethervox: What the Fluff?

For our tenth episode we have a real mixed bag: we have an interview with David McGuire, author of many of the stories in Twisting Fates, about what it’s like to write fluff for Malifaux; “The Other White Meat,” a continuation of Mr. Magpie’s Cemetery Circus story arc; the second part of our fluff segment with special guest co-host Shawn Kehoe, who also tells us all about Hal Con, Halifax’s sci-fi convention (we will be there, and Ian will be running Malifaux demos). In “The Man Comes Around,” Rathnard discusses his stolen Gen Con order, avatars, and his minion-of-the-month Jack Daw. And we have the usual blabber about Wyrd’s new releases, game reports and mindless gossip. Plus, we announce our first ever contest!

Special thanks this month go out to Chris at CanHammer for his generous and unexpected donation to the show. If you’re interested in Warhammer Fantasy, 40K or Flames of War, check out his podcast.

Hope you enjoy the show.

As always, show notes are after the break.

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Oct 17 2011

09-The Aethervox: I Love Lucius

Hi all.  This month only, we’re doing two tactics interviews in a row.  That’s right – you think you’ve got us figured out and then we change things up on you, because that’s how we roll at The Aethervox.

(Actually, some midterm exams put us behind in our production schedule, so rather than keep you waiting we decided to post this interview early.)

This one’s on Lucius and his Elite Division, with James aka FoeRender.  Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: In the original upload there are 5 minutes missing from the end of the interview.  This should be fixed shortly.

UPDATE: Okay, that seems to be fixed.  Not sure what the problem was.  Thanks to Hatchethead for pointing out the problem.

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Sep 30 2011

08-The Aethervox: The Velvet Underground and Nicodem

Welcome to Episode 8.  This episode we devote our whole show to a tactics interview with Keagan Nicotra, aka The Lone Bard. He will be discussing Nicodem – undertaker, necromancer, gentleman, and zombie horde lord.

It’s currently Guild Week over at the Pull My Finger Tactica Wiki, but next week is Resurrectionist Week.  We hope this great interview inspires you to go on over and contribute to the ever-growing (and gradually decomposing) body of Malifaux knowledge and strategy at Pull My Finger.

Hope you enjoy!

(Show notes after the jump)

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Sep 15 2011

07-The Aethervox: Von Schill, Gaining Grounds, Fluff

Here we are with Episode 7. We have tons of great stuff this episode, with some very special contributors. Adrian (aka Rathnard) is back with his regular segment – this time he’s discussing Von Schill; Craig (aka UKrocky) and Jo (aka Neverata) of The Bayou Broadcast discuss Gaining Grounds; Steve (aka Karn) puts out an emotional plea for help with Pull My Finger; and we have the continuation of Confessions of an Aspiring Resurrectionist by Mike (aka hakoMike). We also have the usual rambling from Ian and Julian. Hope you enjoy it.

Show notes after the jump.

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Aug 20 2011

06-The Aethervox: Ramostly Malifaux

Here we are with Episode 6, only two week after Episode 5!

Remember, we have a new format here at The Aethervox.  From now on our release schedule will alternate between tactics interviews and regular episodes.  Hopefully, this will help us get material out more regularly and give our excellent tactics interviews the spotlight they deserve.

This episode our topic is Ramos and our tactician is Aaron Brueckman, better known as LoboStele.

Hope all you Arcanist players enjoy it!

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Aug 8 2011

04-Bonus Content! Complete Ophelia Tactica!

Sorry for keeping you waiting on this one, but for all you Opheliaphiles out there, here is our complete interview with Dominic (Dumb Luck) on Ophelia tips and tactics. New material starts at 1:43:27 of thereabouts.

(Yes I know this screws up the numbering system)