Aug 5 2011

05-The Aethervox: A Gen Con Special

Episode 5 is here, and it’s a Gen Con special! Sadly, we’re not at Gen Con, but we caught up with Eric Johns last week to get the skinny on all the new releases. We also review TerraClips, have the debut of a new regular segment from Rathnard, and new fiction from a new Aethervox talespinner. “Mr. Magpie’s Cemetery Circus” is on holiday this month, so we have the first two chapters of “Confessions of an Aspiring Resurrectionist” by Mike Howell.

We have a tactics interview on Ramos recorded and edited, but we decided to do something slightly different this episode. Instead of having the tactica as part of the main episode, we’re going to start alternating between a normal episode and a tactics interview every two weeks. This will help us get content out more regularly, and keep episodes under 3 hours. So keep your eyes peeled for our Ramos tactics interview with LoboStele in a couple of weeks.

Apologies for bad sound quality in parts. Our microphones were acting up.

Show notes after the jump.

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Jul 9 2011

04-The Aethervox: Opheliaphilia

Episode 4 of The Aethervox Quarterly is here, ahead of schedule! (only joking, we’re still – theoretically – a monthly podcast).

This episode is a mammoth – nearly four hours – and as usual we’ll post the full cut of the tactic’s interview separately.

This episode we have the usual segments: The Doppelganger; The Malifaux Ministry of Music, Movies and Other Media; Hobby Challenge; Game Report; New Model Discussion etc.  We also have a very special interview with Wyrd minion Zee, a discussion of our recent Malifaux Weekend gathering at Rob’s house (in which we actually meet other Malifaux players!), and a tactics interview with Dumb Luck (aka Dominic) about gremlin henchwoman Ophelia.

Show notes after the jump.

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Jun 24 2011

04-Special Feature: Interview with Eric Johns

Episode Four will be out soon, but in the meantime The Aethervox is very happy to present this special feature: an interview with the one-and-only Eric Johns – co-head honcho at Wyrd, creator of both Malifaux and Puppet Wars, and painter extraordinaire.

Hope you enjoy it.

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May 25 2011

03-Bonus Content! Complete Karn Interview!

Here is the complete and unabridged interview with Karn.  Everything you ever wanted to know about Pandora!  If you’ve already listened to the version in Episode 3, the new stuff will start at around 1:40:30.


May 18 2011

03-The Aethervox: Pandora the Explorer

After a very long wait Episode 3 is finally here! One could have been luck, two could have been coincidence, but three means we’re here to stay!

This month we have all the regular segments (it feels good to be able to say that) – “The Doppelganger,” “The Malifaux Ministry of Music, Movies and Other Media,” “Tales from the Aether Part Four,” “Hobby Challenge,” “Game Report,” a review of the Rules Manual and more.

Plus, we have another amazing interview. This time the subject is Pandora, and our interviewee in Karn, a consummate tactician and true gentleman. It was a biggie, so I’ve only included the first 90 minutes here. We will release the interview in its entirety (about twice as long) as a bonus episode shortly.

If you want any more details about the things we discuss in this episode (names of songs, links to images of models etc.) please refer to the show notes in this post after the jump. We’ll be putting up the promised photos of our table and hoodoos soon. UPDATE: Images of our badlands table now up on the Gallery page.

Here it is.  Episode 3

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Mar 22 2011

02-Bonus Content! Rathnard Interview Part 2!

Here is part two of our fantastic interview with Rathnard.  It’s essential listening if you’re a Zoraida player (or are trying to figure out how to beat Zoraida):

Mar 20 2011

02-The Aethervox: Better Late Than Neverborn

It’s finally here!

Sorry for the wait everyone.  We hope you enjoy Episode 2.  It’s full of all-new segments and includes a fantastic interview with Rathnard about playing Zoraida.

Hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE: A couple of people have requested show notes and listings of the music we used in this episode.  Here it is (after the jump):

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Feb 13 2011

The Aethervox on iTunes and Twitter

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to Episode 1.  We’re thrilled and humbled by all the support and feedback we’ve received from the Malifaux community.

A couple of pieces of news:

– The Aethervox is now on the iTunes Music Store

– We now have a Twitter feed

– The two stories featured in Episode 1 are now up at The Writing Room on the Wyrd Forums.

We’re very excited about Episode 2.  Stay tuned…

Feb 9 2011

01-The Aethervox: Meet the Crew

Welcome to the first episode of The Aethervox, a podcast dedicated to Wyrd Miniatures‘ character-based skirmish game Malifaux.

We are planning to put out an episode every month. We hope your enjoy Episode 1.

(A note to listeners: We realize our sound quality is patchy. This will improve dramatically in Episode 2.)

Please send comments and suggestions to:

UPDATE: Just added show notes and a listing of all the music we used in this episode after the jump:

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